Current Bible Study

Schedule, notes, study materials, etc.

Join us in our study of Colossians

What will it be like?

Pastor Tim will lead in a very open and thought provoking study and discussion of the book of Colossians. Everyone attending will sit down at a together. Pastor Tim will open the meeting with prayer and begin. We encourage discussion and questions!

The purpose of our Bible study classes are the following:

1). To increase in the knowledge of God, His Word, and His wisdom. To grow in spiritual understanding, and to learn to live what the Scripture says.

2.) To answer questions that come up in Bible study(even if they are not in the class material!)

3). To train and to equip students to be able to study independently in book studies, word studies, and theology studies.

3). To teach students to see the theological implications and practical applications of proper Bible study.

4). To train and equip students to share with others what they are learning both in class and in personal Bible study.

when will it be?

Here are the upcoming in person studies. ALL are welcome! We can even provide the nursery if the little ones are tagging along.

Getting started:

We use the Scriptures as our basis for study. We recommend the use of a wide margin Bible and a notebook,

Here are some links to resources that may help you to study:

Arc copies


Wide margins

Other resources:

Books recommended:



Online tools:


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